Rummaging through the garbage…

So this is the story of how I ended up rummaging (may be a slight exaggeration) through the garbage… After mass my parents and I headed to the hall next door for a shared dinner with everyone from church. Once I sat down with my food I realised that I had left my plate case at home (1st careless mistake). In need of orchestrating a hygienic way to hold my plate while its out of my mouth when I eat, I decided to wrap tissue paper around the plate covering it entirely. It could easily be mistaken for a pile of scrunched up tissue paper (2nd careless mistake). After dinner, I went next door and chatted away with my God-mother who I haven’t seen in absolute ages… Leaving my plate in that room (3rd careless mistake). Before I knew it, it was time to leave as the hall was about to close. Just as I was about to go in the car, it suddenly hit me that I didn’t have my plate in my mouth. By now the fluorescent red flashing lights went off in my mind. Most likely my plate would be in the garbage along with scraps of food and other ‘scrunched up tissue bits’. Now, this not so ideal situation wouldn’t be so unideal if it wasn’t for that fact that I was about to leave on thursday to go to China for 2 months. There would be no way I could get a replacement in less than 4 working days. My dad and I first went back to the hall and asked the last people there if they had seen bits of tissue paper on the table. No Luck. We looked in the kitchen bin and it had just been emptied. Definitely no luck. I ran outside to the garbage bin and ripped open the black plastic bag. As expected there were a million pieces of food and tissue and plastic cutlery. And a pretty funky smell.. Both dad and I were resolved to give up on finding my plate amidst the fountain of rubbish. But for some unexplainable reason, I felt compelled to pick up a lump of tissue thinking perhaps that one was the one that contained my much needed plate. Wrapped inside the tissue was indeed my plate. 

Now, you may not be able to share the utter relief and joy of finding this teeth plate, but for me, it felt like a miracle to have found my lost item. So this mundane event of losing and unexpectedly finding my not-very-exciting but necessary-to-have mouth plate made me think of just how lucky I was and also the role that chance plays in our lives. As a result of my careless (do believe me when I say that normally I quite the opposite to being careless) actions, I could have found myself in a very inconvenient situation. But by chance I stumbled across the needle in the haystack…

I realise that I am making quite the fuss over this matter but I can’t help but feel that God once again took control. Despite this being a seemingly insignificant event I do believe that there are many events in our lives, albeit big or small, where the presence of something so much bigger and more powerful than us as humans takes the reigns in times of problem. So I guess what I am trying to extrapolate from this experience is that sometimes a little luck should be much appreciated. As you can tell I am really philosophical. Either that or in serious need of help…

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