I hate mice

I’ve always had a fear mice and any rodent for that matter. Last night, while I was in bed watching youtube videos, from the corner of my line of vision I spotted a small black thing. HOW THE HECK DID A MOUSE GET IN OUR HOUSE IN THE MIDDLE OF SUMMER? It’s not even the appropriate season for mice to be sneaking into the house…  Within seconds of spotting this creature scurrying from its hiding corner, I yelled out “MUMMMMMMMM”. It’s almost an act of fear reflex.

Now, for those who find mice ‘adorable’ and ‘cute’. Do not be fooled. The only mice I like are Mickey and Minnie Mouse. I don’t care how small or supposedly ‘harmless’ they are, the sight of a mouse fills me with (irrational) fear. While I know that we are far more scary to mice than they are to us, I cannot bring myself to overcome this fear. Mice and me are like summer and winter. Not meant to exist in the same hemisphere…


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