I hate mice

I’ve always had a fear mice and any rodent for that matter. Last night, while I was in bed watching youtube videos, from the corner of my line of vision I spotted a small black thing. HOW THE HECK DID A MOUSE GET IN OUR HOUSE IN THE MIDDLE OF SUMMER? It’s not even the appropriate season for mice to be sneaking into the house… Β Within seconds of spotting this creature scurrying from its hiding corner, I yelled out “MUMMMMMMMM”. It’s almost an act of fear reflex.

Now, for those who find mice ‘adorable’ and ‘cute’. Do not be fooled. The only mice I like are Mickey and Minnie Mouse. I don’t care how small or supposedly ‘harmless’ they are, the sight of a mouse fills me with (irrational) fear. While I know that we are far more scary to mice than they are to us, I cannot bring myself to overcome this fear. Mice and me are like summer and winter. Not meant to exist in the same hemisphere…


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