Hotel rambles

It’s 5 am right now and I can’t sleep… So instead I’m going to write about a few thoughts on hotels.

-Those macro mirrors in the bathrooms. Unless you want a close up and comprehensive look at every pore, black head, pimple, scar and imperfection on your face I suggest you stay away from those things.

-I’m not sure if this one is just my personal experience or whether other people will get my drift. So I’ve found that in corridors in hotel rooms there is generally soft lighting. This is ideal. Strong enough so you can visibly see yourself but also soft enough so that your physical flaws

-Buffet Breakfasts. There really is nothing better than when you book a hotel and you get complimentary buffet breakfasts.

-Towels everywhere. There are neatly folded towels (of various sizes) in all

Even though I’ve been here for less than a week I am overwhelmed by the kindness and care of all those around me.

Chinese people are big on cuisine and eating with family and friends. In almost every meal I have had, I kid you not there have been enough dishes to feed us all twice. Don’t get me wrong; I certainly am not complaining about the surfeit of food.

I have consumed far too much food. And lacked on my work out and runs far too much.

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