Chinese New Year Mayhem: A crescendo of noise and people

Happy Chinese New Year Everybody!!!


China is loud. And crowded. It’s always been loud and crowed and I can’t imagine a day in the future when it won’t be. That just would not be the essence of China.


The fireworks here are deafening. For the past few days, firecrackers and fireworks have been set off repeatedly all over the city (and all throughout the country I’m sure, in celebration of the new year). I swear I’ve never heard such ear throbbing fireworks before in New Zealand.  While I was walking back to my grandparents’ house the other night, I was scared out of my wits as a firework was lit somewhere in the city. While I was nowhere in close vicinity of the firework, the noise that erupted made it seem as if it was being set off right by my eardrum.


This morning I woke to the sound of heavy rain hitting a hard-steel roof. Or so I thought. I quickly realised that the sound was actually firecrackers setting off. Just when you think its all been lit and set, BAM BAM BAM countless others follow suit. PEOPLE, is it not far too early to be setting of firecrackers?!


Aside from the noises of fireworks and firecrackers, the constant honking from cars and the loud chatter of Chinese locals continue to buzz daily. Chinese people are notorious for their naturally loud voices and even just a casual exchange of words at the veggie markets seems as if people are having an intense argument.


Most restaurants are usually filled with people and as a result a cacophony of a million shouts and laughter is born. I would be worried if one day I walked into a restaurant here and there was silence. That would be more deafening and noticeable than the chorus of noise.


The driving here is insane. Clearly, road rules have not been implemented and for the locals in the city of where I’m currently at, ‘road rules’ are more like ‘flexible guidelines’. Driving on the road is kind of like a real life reflection of those virtual racing games. Objective: Don’t merge like a zip but instead cut in front of other cars where possible, honk your horn when you get impatient, turn onto the main road despite there not being an adequate gap because it’s okay to make other people slow down for you. Oh and driving on the opposite side of the road for a short while is alright… (Not all places in China are like this, but all in all, being on the road can be a pretty scary thing here)


I am having a fab time in the 2 weeks I’ve been here. Already a quarter way through this holiday…


Ps. I’m sorry that there are no pictures included in these posts to liven’ things up. I don’t have an iPhone (or any phone with a decent camera here or in NZ lol) and thus cannot conveniently take snaps with artsy filters of my daily happenings. 

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