Guilty Pleasure: K- dramas

A few months ago I started watching Korean dramas. After many years of not watching a single episode of K drama I have rediscovered my love. Big mistake. K dramas are horribly addicting. Once you start watching there’s no end. And when you find yourself finishing a series you start on a new one. It’s this cycle that starts to consume your life. Okay, so that might be a slight exaggeration but there is not denying that they are seriously addicting.

If you are not familiar with the hype that is ‘K drama’, these dramas are stereotypically romantic comedies (although there certainly are exceptions) aimed at teen girls. Most of the ones that I have watched follow the formula of rich boy falls in love with poor girl. The boy comes from a complicated family background usually with only one parent/grandparent. There is a CEO of some major corporate business. There is the funny best friend. There is a secondary male character who also falls in love with the poor girl. The nice boy who is actually nice to the girl gets rejected while the one who torments and acts arrogantly gets the girl. Go Figure.

Yes, I am aware that there is very little quality about these shows but once I start watching it’s like being sucked into a virtual universe of hot guys (…Lee Min Ho *drools*…) and chronic drama. Despite the banal and sometimes cheesy plotlines I still get emotionally vested into the show. I never thought that I would be someone who would like this kind of thing but my goodness I CAN’T STOP. Snuggled in bed with cake or ice cream and the latest episode of whatever K drama I happen to be watching has become my ideal night. I can feel the waves of your judgement right now. This love hate relationship with K Dramas is a great and terrible thing…

My top 5 K dramas as of Feb 2014:
1) The Heirs
2) My Princess
3) My Girl
4) My Lovely Sam Soon
5) Innocent Man

Currently watching:
• Secret Garden






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Panda’s are my favourite living creatures. Along with elephants. But right now lets talk Panda.

My visit to Chimelong Zoo in Guangzhou reminded me of why I love pandas so much. Chimelong happens to have the largest Panda collection in China. The last time I was here which was two years ago, the pandas were my favourite zoo experience ever. You could say I pretty much went to the zoo for the pandas this time. These national treasures are rare and incredibly adorable. Anyone who disagrees on the cuteness of Pandas, your opinion is wrong.

Although most of the pandas in the giant panda house during my visit this time were either asleep or lying on the ground, they still did not disappoint. Pandas are funny creatures. Awfully lazy yet somehow require so much maintenance.

The only disappointment in my panda viewing experience was that I was unable to see the 7-month-old baby panda. Seven-old-month-baby-panda. Those five words together in a sentence is cuteness overload…

Here are some photos I took during my visit. Yes, I was that weird person with the DSL camera hogging the front row for far too long…







What’s my next move?


Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about where to next. My time in China has given me various aspects to think about. New things. I’m not sure if I like this ‘growing up and sorting out my stuff’ business but inevitably, I must deal with it. I think it’s important to strive to find a meaningful goal to work towards. It gives a greater purpose to the actions you make and the thoughts you ponder. In no manner am I saying that my life up till now has been a movie-like reel of single-minded motivation for the ultimate aim. I do not mean any of this in a pretentious way, as I am simply trying my best to express the thoughts that have been racing across my curious, jumbled and still foolish mind.

Graduating from high school is an event that turns a monumental page in the 7 years of that chapter. Whether you couldn’t be more ecstatic about leaving that place, more sentimental or sad that you had reached the end of a wonderful chapter of your story, or like me, you were uncertain and filled with mixed emotions about graduating, leaving high school means leaving a place of the tried and safe and treading into the unknown waters of reality. Because lets face it, for most students high school, high school and all that before it is a time where we have others (namely parents and teachers) making the salient decisions and taking the greater responsibility for our lives. Our choices during that part do not have tremendous consequences on the bigger part of our lives and more often than not, we live in this sheltered bubble that does not accurately reflect the nature of reality. From hereon, bigger responsibilities and bigger concerns are

I’m going to university (or college as the Americans call it) in September and I desperately do not want to waste away these 8 months. It’s already February; I say this as I shake with abject fear at how fast time passes by. Time really does not wait for anyone. It hit me a few weeks ago that this period of my life, this ‘bridge-between-high school-and-university’ (the preface to the next volume of my life series) is a time that I will probably never have in my life ever again. When will I ever have the opportunity to take the good part of a year off where I am living for just myself? A selfish time where pragmatic concerns such as paying the bills, finding a job in this economic slump, or even taking care of my husband and children (if I ever get married and have kids…) are non-existent. So I hope that what I am doing now and what I plan to do in the following months will not only make me happy but also have a meaningful whether, big or small impact.

My life thus far has not been particularly eventful and I have lived a relatively sheltered life. I am not extraordinary and neither is my story. However, I feel that now is the start where I can orchestrate my next chapter and the many (I hope) to come into colourful pages full of adventure. And this is where I’m stuck. My initial disbelief and utter excitement at my acceptance to my dream school has worn off slightly now. Don’t get me wrong, I am still extremely grateful and happy about this news, but I feel that I can no longer just dwell on this news, I must figure out my next move. Since a few months ago, once adults realised that I’m not in high school anymore, the platitude questions started shooting. ‘What are you going to do now?’ ‘Which uni are you going to?’ ‘What are you going to study?’ ‘Which career do you want?’ For someone who has their next move and the ones after that planned out already, those might be easy questions to answer. But for someone who’s indecisive and can’t even decide on which meal to order at a restaurant without taking forever, those questions are awfully difficult to respond to. I have no clue how I managed to formulate responses to all those college application essays…

Through all my thinking and over-thinking I have arrived at two ‘next moves’ for the forthcoming 5 months. A) To write on this blog at least once a month (or at least 4 posts per month). I’ve always enjoyed writing and rather than keeping everything bottled in my mind and journal, why not publish it on the Internet. Although I don’t know who would want to read what I write, I hope someone in this realm of the web will find my writing somewhat interesting. If not, then at least I’ll always have an online archive to keep for my own personal musings. B) Get a job. A job will keep me busy and I need to find a way to make my bank account grow… Fingers and toes crossed that in mid March (which is when I arrive back in Auckland) I will be able to get a job somewhere. My plan is to apply online around the end of February as most students will be returning to university and hopefully there will be more job positions available.

So there are my next two moves. Not very exciting and as much as I would like to say by some dramatic epiphany I arrived at two very life changing conclusions, in reality it was a rather frustrating process. I am excited about whatever is waiting for me this year. Despite being an 18-year-old girl who is still figuring many things out, as aforementioned I know that the most exciting and bigger things lie ahead. Things always have a funny way of working out.

Here’s to new beginnings!

Songs I’m loving for Travelling

I’ve been listening to music a lot lately (even more than usual) due to travelling.

So here’s an eclectic list of a few of the many songs that I’ve been listening to…

  • Forgiveness- Toby Mac ft. Lecrae
  • We Walk on Water- Shonlock
  • Hide Your Love Away- Anthem Lights
  • Mighty to Save- Hillsong
  • Lead me to the Cross- Hillsong
  • Anything by Ludovico Einaudi!
  • To Your hands- Hannah Henderson
  • Growing Pains- Cold Cherry (instrumental and original)
  • I’m Saying- Lee Hong Ki (instrumental and original)
  • Suddenly- Kim Bo Kyung
  • Mal De Amores- Juan Magan
  • Te Fuiste de Aquí- Reik
  • Creeré- Tercer Cielo
  • Let It Go- Idina Menzel
  • M.A.A.D City – Kendrick Lamar
  • Make It Home- Hoodie Allen ft. Gina Grannis
  • Your Girl- Tourist
  • This is how we do- Katy Perry
  • Now is the Start- A Fine Frenzy
  • Bloom- The Paper Kites
  • Mermaid- Yuna
  • Pursuit of Glory- Jhameel
  • Remember the Name- Fort Minor
  • Wait for a Minute- Tyga ft. Justin Bieber
  • Far Away- Tyga ft. Chris Richardson
  • I Lived- One Republic
  • Fashion Killa – A$AP Rocky