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Panda’s are my favourite living creatures. Along with elephants. But right now lets talk Panda.

My visit to Chimelong Zoo in Guangzhou reminded me of why I love pandas so much. Chimelong happens to have the largest Panda collection in China. The last time I was here which was two years ago, the pandas were my favourite zoo experience ever. You could say I pretty much went to the zoo for the pandas this time. These national treasures are rare and incredibly adorable. Anyone who disagrees on the cuteness of Pandas, your opinion is wrong.

Although most of the pandas in the giant panda house during my visit this time were either asleep or lying on the ground, they still did not disappoint. Pandas are funny creatures. Awfully lazy yet somehow require so much maintenance.

The only disappointment in my panda viewing experience was that I was unable to see the 7-month-old baby panda. Seven-old-month-baby-panda. Those five words together in a sentence is cuteness overload…

Here are some photos I took during my visit. Yes, I was that weird person with the DSL camera hogging the front row for far too long…







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