Guilty Pleasure: K- dramas

A few months ago I started watching Korean dramas. After many years of not watching a single episode of K drama I have rediscovered my love. Big mistake. K dramas are horribly addicting. Once you start watching there’s no end. And when you find yourself finishing a series you start on a new one. It’s this cycle that starts to consume your life. Okay, so that might be a slight exaggeration but there is not denying that they are seriously addicting.

If you are not familiar with the hype that is ‘K drama’, these dramas are stereotypically romantic comedies (although there certainly are exceptions) aimed at teen girls. Most of the ones that I have watched follow the formula of rich boy falls in love with poor girl. The boy comes from a complicated family background usually with only one parent/grandparent. There is a CEO of some major corporate business. There is the funny best friend. There is a secondary male character who also falls in love with the poor girl. The nice boy who is actually nice to the girl gets rejected while the one who torments and acts arrogantly gets the girl. Go Figure.

Yes, I am aware that there is very little quality about these shows but once I start watching it’s like being sucked into a virtual universe of hot guys (…Lee Min Ho *drools*…) and chronic drama. Despite the banal and sometimes cheesy plotlines I still get emotionally vested into the show. I never thought that I would be someone who would like this kind of thing but my goodness I CAN’T STOP. Snuggled in bed with cake or ice cream and the latest episode of whatever K drama I happen to be watching has become my ideal night. I can feel the waves of your judgement right now. This love hate relationship with K Dramas is a great and terrible thing…

My top 5 K dramas as of Feb 2014:
1) The Heirs
2) My Princess
3) My Girl
4) My Lovely Sam Soon
5) Innocent Man

Currently watching:
• Secret Garden




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