China through my lens- Part 1: SiChuan

Over these next few posts I will be uploading my China photos! I have so many photos to sort through but hopefully you will see some decent photography in here!

After our 11 hour flight from Auckland to Guangzhou, we headed straight for our transfer flight to ChengDu, SiChuan. Sichuan was the first leg of my 2- month China adventure.

On a foggy winter morning, I visited the BeiChuan Earthquake memorial site near Mianyang city.





Visitors entering the memorial site.


We couldn’t stay in ChengDu and not visit the cultural streets. Here are photos from Jinli Ancient street. There are traditional stores and many street shops selling delicious local cuisine. The leisurely lifestyle and the strong fondness for dining of the locals are especially evident along this cultural street.


Man doing Tai Chi…



The ever bustling Chun Xi Road is definitely one of my favourite places in Chengdu. Chunxi is like the 5th Avenue of New York, the Wangfujing of Beijing. I miss all these lights and the hustle and bustle of the big city…



Next stop in the Sichuan province was Zigong. ImageImageImage

These 3 photos were taken at the Lantern Lights festival. If Zigong had to be renowned for one thing it would be it’s annual lights show. Even all throughout the city lights are hung on the lampposts, trees and on the side of main streets. A drive around the city at night definitely puts you in the festive mood for CNY! Although I guess the novelty wears off for locals. 😛


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