My attachment to useless inanimate things

I am a hoarder. I have this intense attachment to inanimate objects.

A few days ago I finally did what needed to be done in a very long time; I cleaned out my room. And boy do I have a lot of junk. But at the time, I’m sure I had a very good reason for keeping each trinket.

My room at a glance does not seem to hold too much clutter. But upon close examination and rummage, one could say that there is excessive clutter hidden in the corners of my room. De-cluttering your room is an amusing and nostalgic activity. For me, it was certainly a trip down memory lane…

When I came across my sticker collection, the 8 year old inside of me jumped with excitement. Although now rationally questioning what use comes of a sticker album, I do not know. I also found my spy undercover toy sets. I was reminded of my short-lived epoch where I was obsessed with becoming a spy. I think the cartoon series ‘Totally Spies’ strongly fuelled this obsession. These gadgets consisted of a headset satellite thing, which ‘supposed’ allows one to eavesdrop from a distance and a safe disguised as a book. Real cool toys you have there, Shirin…

I was also unfortunately reminded of my ‘Bielieber’ phase. Several posters (Yes, plural) were found in the corner of my closet. What made me laugh was when I stumbled across an old letter from high school informing parents of Justin’s visit to our school. This happened around four years ago when someone from my school won a Radio competition to have him perform at our school for a private concert. At the time, you could imagine my teen girl self was just over the moon. The phrases ‘International pop star’ and ‘making music that parents are happy for their kids to listen to’ are just too ironic.

A few of the many items that are now sitting in rubbish bags..

photo 1 copy


photo 2 copy

This is a skirt I made in 2010. At the time I was rather proud and even had the audacity to wear this to an Adam Lambert concert.

photo 3 copyphoto 4 copy

The pants that I made with a friend for our wearable arts costume 2011. The theme was the circus I’m guessing judging from the wacky aesthetic…

photo copy

I had a booklet of all the lyrics to High School Musical. Gosh I was a cool kid. Any 90’s child that tells you they were not a HSM fan is lying.

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