New Zealand has the best coffee

Bear with me as I go on my coffee rant….

As mentioned before, I was working in a local cafe for several months before leaving Auckland for university (college as the Americans call it). It was a great work experience and my boss provided me with barista training. By the time I left my job, I could make a decent (ranging from averagely decent to good decent) cup of coffee from grinding the beans to extracting the espresso to steaming the milk to pouring the milk. You name it, a cappuchino, latte, flat white, long black, moccachino or hot chocolate. It took me a while to overcome the bitter espresso and the burnt milk but eventually I was happy to have picked up a new skill; although if you were to ask me to make one now, I wouldn’t have high expectations…

While I was overseas, I came to the realisation that coffee in New Zealand is truly of a gold standard. For example, I was shocked at the numerous times where I was served coffee with bubbly milk that was far from the velvety texture it should have been. There were also lattes filled with way too much foam. I would never have dared to serve customers some of the coffees that I was served. Keep in mind I am absolutely not, a coffee snob.  I don’t know a whole lot about the art of coffee making and coffee flavour. But at the risk of sounding like a pretentious customer whining about absurd experiences, I am disappointed by the overall standard of coffees overseas.


Finding a good cup of coffee is a mission and the filter coffee served at my school cafeteria is very questionable. There are also several differences between coffee culture here and in the states. 90% of the time, cafés serve their coffees in takeout cups regardless of whether I was staying in or taking out. Also, I soon realised after my first few visits to the local coffee shops around my school that often just ‘coffee’ refers to filter coffee and self-serve milk over the counter as opposed to coffee made from the espresso machine with steamed milk. Another thing is that a flat white is almost an unheard of thing in the states. In February this year, I was in New York over the weekend and noticed signs with phrases along the lines of ‘try our new flat white!’ in several coffee shops. Given that flat whites have been around in New Zealand for many many years it was surprising to find that it is only being introduced in America recently.

Since coming back home for a month in my summer break, it sure is great finally drinking a tasty latte. My solitary café visits are reignited!


My recent embarrassing moments

“Dear God, please keep awkward situations at a minimum today…” –This should be my daily prayer.


Up till now, I have had so many small embarrassing and awkward moments that they all mash together to create one gargantuan embarrassing moment that is my 18 years of life.

My recent employment means I have several embarrassing work stories to add to the mix thanks to my clumsy and awkward self.

I have no idea how I ended up working at a café for my first proper job. Personally I feel that compared to many student jobs, one at a Café leaves much room for messing up.

I am still learning the art of taking orders at the till. If you have never worked behind the till at a café you may not understand how overwhelming the many little keys on the till for each order may seem at first (or so I hope every person starting out on this job feels this way initially and its not just my incompetency at memorising which button is for what).  

One particular embarrassment at the till happened when I was taking the very long order of a lady with her son and her parents. By the end of her order I was feeling flustered from making her wait several times while I scoured the till for the right key. I remembered last minute while processing the transaction to give her a table marker. As I reached across to grab the number, I knocked two of them off the counter and of which one fell onto the head of the little boy. All I could say was sorry. I AM SO SO SO SORRY. I wanted to bury myself in the deep hole of humiliation I had dug for myself. It’s no secret injuring a customer is probably not encouraged on your first day of work. Or ever.

Another embarrassing moment was when I was delivering two drinks to a table. In my defence I did not take the orders and was simply asked to deliver them to the table. I placed the juice down and said ‘orange juice’ and followed suit with the coffee to which I said ‘Latte’. Turned out, they were actually one pineapple juice and one flat white…. You can probably imagine the shame I felt. 

Hopefully the next time I write a post, I still have this job….